The Shophouse 1527 x Labyrinth Cafe

A 24-month popup exhibition space breathing new life into a doomed shophouse.

Publish Date: 17 February 2020

With Bangkok transforming at an alarming pace, this opening wants people to step back and examine change through the prism of art.

The Shophouse 1527 turns an 80-year-old Samyan shophouse earmarked for demolition into a 24-month installation space with emphasis on exploring how traditional communities adapt in the face of rapid urbanisation.

Upstairs hosts rotating showcases that transverse various disciplines and feature collaborations with everyone from architects to florists to tea purveyors.

Downstairs sits Labyrinth Cafe, a slow bar doling a short list of creative coffee drinks and snacks. Black Magic sees the house blend of beans from Doi Saket (Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand) and Bolaven Plateau (Southern Laos) infused with lychee for 14 hours, served with just a dash of frothed milk. Try the salted egg lava Chinese cake for a flavour explosion.

The group of up-and-coming architects and designers have taken a largely hands-off approach to restoring the space and the raw-industrial space makes for some real eye-candy.

Open through till late 2021.

Black Magic
Salted egg lava Chinese cake

How to get there: The Shophouse 1527 sits less than a 10-minute taxi ride from Siam@Siam Bangkok (which should cost less than THB80). Alternatively, the shop is a 25-minute walk away, which gives you a good chance to check out some of the street art in the area as part of the Chula Art Town initiative. Take the footbridge over Rama 1 Road and head straight down Chula Soi 9 (turning left onto Chula Soi 42). You’ll see the glasshouse on your right.

1527 Rama 4 Rd, Wang Mai, Bangkok

Open Tue-Sun 11am-7pm

Tel: +6664-783-5566

Facebook: Shophouse 1257 / Labyrinth Cafe