Tuaytung Icecream

A Chinese-themed cafe with awesome ice cream.

Publish Date: 17 February 2020

This picture-perfect cafe welcomes the crowds with its retro decor and dessert sets, both of which have a distinctly Chinese slant.

Perched on a busy Samyan corner, the shophouse feels like it could be transplanted from Hong Kong thanks to its pastel tiles and neon lights.

A row of stainless steel canisters holds the shop’s secret weapon: homemade ice creams in flavours ranging from chestnut and black sesame soy milk to “old-school” milo milk and caramelised peanut bar. Have your scoop stuffed within a fried or steamed bao bun or opt for the milk pudding set.

Warning: the place can get seriously packed with local university students from 6pm onwards.

How to get there: Tuaytung Icecream is around 10 minute’s walk (750 metres) from Siam@Siam Bangkok. Turn right onto Rama 1 Road and then turn left at the lights onto Buntadthong Road. The cafe sits on the corner of Chula Soi 12.

963 Buntadthong Rd. (corner of Chula Soi 12), Samyan, Bangkok

Tel: +6661-421-4702

Open daily 2pm-midnight