Multi-fun, Multi-done

Every meeting should spark an exchange of ideas, while every party should spark joy. Our function spaces offer calming nautical-inspired designs and top-notch equipment to ensure the ideas keep flowing and the good times keep rolling.



Not your typical meeting space, our Blue Floor immerses you in a water world of fun even while you get down to business.


Hip furnishings and industrial accents provide a great space for an unforgettable meeting, seminar or cocktail party. Dolphin is our largest free-flowing space at 178.5 square metres, and is able to accommodate up to 80 people and flexible seating arrangements.

178.5 sq. m.
4-metres high ceiling
100 Cocktail
100 Classroom
90 Banquet
140 Theatre
60 U-Shape

Lobster does well when it comes to conferences, workshops or seminars. The room wins guests over with its bold colours, a high ceiling, and expansive windows that bring in natural light and gorgeous views of Pattaya. Just like each of our meeting rooms, it comes with hi-tech equipment that can assure the most productive day.

63.6 sq. m.
5.8-meter-height ceiling
50 Cocktails
36 Classroom
40 Banquet
60 Theatre
20 U-Shape
Sky Bar and Restaurant

A destination rooftop in Pattaya, Sky Bar is perched on our roof, 27 floors up. It's the perfect place for a sundown cocktail party, a memorable birthday party or next-level romantic sunset moment for your special wedding party. Sky Restaurant, on the 24th floor, feature stunning views out across Pattaya and serves exceptional food for your exclusive party as well being perfect for enjoying special events like the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival.


Lighthouse, a 63-square-metre space that can seat up to 60 people, welcomes you with hi-tech equipment and innovative services that can help get your ideas flowing. LCD projectors, wireless microphones, flipcharts, translation services–you name it, we have them all. Plus, we also refuel your energy with delicious bites and refreshing drinks, courtesy of our catering team.

63 sq. m.
4 meters height ceiling
50 Cocktail
36 Classroom
40 Banquet
60 Theatre
20 U-Shape

This cosy space can host intimate events, from private celebratory dinners to bridal showers, that are crafted to your every whim and fancy. Just big enough for 30 people (for cocktails; 20 people for banquet-style arrangements), this space has 5.8-metre (yes, it’s that high) floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to come in and give you an incredible view of Pattaya Beach.

55 sq. m.
50 Cocktails
36 Classroom
40 Banquet
50 Theatre
20 U-Shape
Water Room

This chill and relax room with an enhancing nautical theme has tall ceilings and large windows overlooking Pattaya beach. It's perfect place for brainstorming sessions, meetings or a small cocktail party of up to 50 people.